Susana and Daughters Rice

Grown in the ancient rice fields of the Nature Reserve of Albufera de Valencia (Spain), our artisan organic rice is harvested by a small independent family of farmers who honour traditional farming methods and a respect for the environment.

Produced in the Albufera Natural Park, known to be the origin of Paella, our artisan rice guarantees no levels of pesticides, herbicides and other chemical agents that could alter its flavor or its original qualities during its processing.

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Our rice is hand packed using 100% compostable bags so we have no plastic footprint.

Susana and Daughters Cowdray Estate rice packaging


This delicious rice is known by locals for its extraordinary culinary qualities to absorb stock and resist overcooking. The result is loose rice with a smooth, creamy texture. Using traditional farming techniques to protect the biodiversity of the Albufera wetlands, the yield is carefully selected from a limited harvest and then packed by hand to create a truly artisanal product.

Perfect for Paella

Susana and Daughters organic red rice


Our delicious gourmet red rice has been carefully sourced and selected for its quality and distinctive flavour. Ideal in casseroles, stuffed vegetables and salads, its intense nutty flavour and texture makes it the perfect addition to your main meal.

Susana and Daughters Cowdray Estate organic black rice


We love this wholegrain organic rice with its delightful natural ebony colour. Rich in fibre and high in iron and antioxidants, it is considered by many a ‘Superfood’. The delicious nutty flavour and unique texture – both crisp and delicate – pairs perfectly with vegetables and fish while proving an excellent aromatic addition to salads.

Susana and Daughters Cowdray Estate organic quinoa


Known as the Quinoa of the Incas, our delicious hearty Quinoa contains many of the essential amino acids needed for human nutrition. An incredibly versatile product you can enjoy in sweet or savoury recipes or simply sprinkled over beautifully nourishing salads.

Our produce family just got bigger

Cowdray Estate Kefir

From the heart of the South Downs

Our kefir is a delightfully nourishing and refreshing fermented milk drink that has been enjoyed around the world for thousands of years. We make our kefir with non-homogenised milk to keep it authentic, pure and natural.

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Extra virgin olive oil

Produced by our familia in Andalucia

For five generations, our family has been harvesting olives in Jaén, an area of spain that enjoys dry and very sunny summers, combined with cold winters. These conditions provide the perfect climate to produce the very best Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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